The Swiss climber and trad specialist Didier Berthod succeeded in freeing his long-term project in Squamish, Canada. Didier had already climbed the new crack line „Crack of Destiny“ with pre-placed belay devices, i.e. pinkpoint. Now he succeeded in the redpoint ascent (i.e. with belay devices placed in the lead) of one of the most difficult trad lines in the world.

The Swiss trad specialist spent 30 days last year and six days this year on the route.

Didier is completely unsure about the difficulty rating, so he rates his first ascent as harder than the Squamish test piece „Cobra Crack“ also minimal with 5.14b or 8b+. with American scale 5.14, i.e. 8b+ to 9a.

Didier began projecting the notorious Cobra-Crack in 2005. A serious knee injury ended this project for him and he disappeared from the (climbing) scene for the next 12 years, reappearing in 2020.

Photo: (c) Fred Moix