Christof Rauch has done the first repeat of Michael Piccolruaz‘ ‚La grosse Tarlouze‘ 8C in Magic Wood. It is a 40+ moves link up combining the boulder ‚Unendliche Geschichte‘ and ‚La Tarlouze‘.

Christof : „You continue on the big rail to the left. From there its about 16 moves (for me) to a good rest on the top jug of Massive attack (till there is the crux) then there is another little sequence where you can fall when you are too pumped or you have bad luck, then you mantle into the slap (no hand rest) and climb a easy highball slab to the top.

Only tried it here and then as a little sideproject, but since I can’t crimp properly at the moment I decided to give it some tries. Seems like all the open handed and slopertraining the last weeks payed of and I managed to make the second ascent of this great endurance testpiece. Already had a pretty good session last year, where i fell 4 times at the last hard move. Today, I fell another 2 times at the very end but then I was lucky enough to fight my way to the top. Thanks to Markus for the huge support and the essential beta.“