Die beiden Schweizer Alpinisten Stephan Siegrist und Roger Schaeli konnten im Juni 2019 mit „Silberrücken“ eine neue Route durch die Rotbrätt Westwand an der Jungfrau als erste Kletterer erfolgreich begehen. Wir berichteten.  Nun konnten Jonas Schild und Yannick Glatthard diese Route in einem Tag Rotpunkt abspulen. Glückwunsch.

Facts zur Route :
Erstbegehung: „Silberrücken“, Westwand Rotbrätt an der Jungfrau, Schwierigkeit: 8a+, Wandhöhe: 350 Meter
Vorbereitung: 2009 Stephan Siegrist, Giovanni Quirici, 2018 Erschließung der Route durch Stephan Siegrist und Roger Schaeli
Erstbegehung der gesamten Route im Sommer 2018 durch Stephan Siegrist und Roger Schaeli. Rotpunkt der Route im Juni 2019 durch Roger Schaeli mit Seilpartner Stephan Siegrist
Ernsthaftigkeit: Hochalpine Mehrseillängenroute in der Westwand des Rotbrätt an der Jungfrau.

Jonas Schild zur Begehung: „Last Tuesday Yannick Glatthard and I walked the long path to the Silberhorn Hut, one of the most beautiful bivouacs at the Bernese Oberland. Our goal was to free climb the Route “Silberrücken” at the Rotbrätt. The Route was opened during the last years by Roger Schaeli and Stephan Siegrist. After a good diner and a cosy night in the hut we started the climbing the next morning. The first four pitches are not so hard but the protection is demanding and sometimes the rock is a little bit loose. Then above the so called Silver Ledge the hart part begins; Three steep pitches in perfect rock. First one is a nice endurance 7c+. Then comes the crux pitch; Two boulders and then steep endurance climbing around 8a/+. In the last hard pitch you make a journey from the Alps to the Provence. In the topo they call it “Verdon Crux” and this is the perfect description. 40 Meters of slab climbing, where airtime is guaranteed, graded around 7c+. The last two pitches are easy but without bolts. All in all it’s great alpine climbing, bolted in a very nice style, big respect to Roger and Stephan who opened this new multipitch testpiece. I am very happy that we both could do all pitches free after 9 hours of climbing, fighting, struggling, flying and laughing. To free climb this route together in one day, without checking out before, a good team work was the most important thing. That’s what made this ascent so special for both of us.
Important information for repeaters; in the pictures you can find a update topo of the route.“