The 19-year-old Spaniard Jorge Díaz-Rullo Calvo first ascented the route with „Seta ibérica„. „Seta Ibérica“ is a connection of two route „Seta Negra“ (8c+) and his route „Circo Ibérico“ (9a+) this take a the section more harder the this route. As a difficulty for the route in Spanish Cuenca he suggested the grade 9a +. This year, the young Spaniard was able to send a first ascent of the 9b route „Panatics“ in Rodellar and only in May, Jorge could also secure the 5th ascent of „La Planta de Shiva“ (9b). The Spaniard has meanwhile climbed ten routes in grade 9a + and harder. Photo: (c) Javi Pec