Video: Now Evan Hau sends a ascent of his original project „Sacrifice“ (9a+) in Echo Canyon near Calgary in Canada. It was the first repetition of the route and Evans‘ second 9a+-Route after „Honor and Glory“. About two years ago, Evan handed over his project to Adam Ondra, who was first ascented at the end of his journey after he had failed in the „Fight Club“. Adam was also redpointed „Disbelief“ (9b). The route is to the right of „Honor and Glory“ (9a). The Crux is Adam-like  tough „Kneebar bouldering problem“.

Evan started really focusing on Sacrifice in 2019 and made really good progress eventually one hanging a few times. He trained hard all winter specifically for Sacrifice. Covid-19 changed his training plans but his wife and he were able to adapt with strength and endurance workouts at home doing body weight and weighted exercises as well as hangboard. It seemed to work out quite well as he felt stronger on the route this year compared to last year and he was able to take it down pretty quick this year once climbing was opened in Alberta.

„Today I sent Sacrifice at the Coliseum. Unbelievably psyched!! Lot of thoughts and emotions about this one but for now I just want to thank @sheenastares for the countless days of support, @adam.ondra for the inspiration, and @elanjm1 for our initial sessions on the route which got me psyched to begin projecting the climb. Thanks to everyone else that got up at 5:30am to go sport climbing with me last summer. Thanks to @adamgearing for the photo and documenting the process!“

Photo: (c) Adam Gearing