Simon and Manuel Gietl tried the strikingly wall of the Durrer Spitze already ten years ago. This white wall, which is crossed by some striking black water stripes, was named because of the same color with the killer whale of the route. In the fall of 2009, they managed to develop the first two pitches, including the crux in the second pitch. Two large (probably loose) boulders on the second stand prevented a further clambering at that time. So they decided, as the blocks could not be transported in the valley, first rappel and let the project rest. It took almost ten years to get back in and complete the project. After further attempts to lift them out of the wall, one saw that the two blocks had become wedged so that they did not pose any danger. A steep rift with some loose scales in the third and a technically challenging spot in the sixth pitch are other cruxes. The rest of the route is logically along cracks and over some little overhangs. The stands are equipped with normal hooks, the climbing must be secured except for a few pitons in the 2nd and 6th pitch itself. The approach is 1h to 1.5h. Descend northeast over 1 x 40 m abseilen and the rest along the gutter or southwest over steep ditch on foot.

Fotos: (c) Simon Gietl