Tomoa Narasaki flashed 'Decided' V14/8B+

Actually known as a strong competition climber, Tomoa Narasaki succeeds in a flash of the boulder ‘Decided’ V14 / 8B +. The boulder in the Mt.Mizugaki boulder area was recently extended by Ryuichi Murai with the sit start ‘United’ (8C+ /V16). Tomoa Narasaki is the current bouldering world champion and also combined world champion. He one of the greatest favorites at the Olympic Games in their own country.

“‘Decided’ V14 which I’ve been willing to climb for long. Meanwhile a year past from the last time touching wild boulders, I tried with my strong emotion. I instantly felt holdings and beta are somehow friendly to me. Then, I could FLASH it and it’s my best flashing grade record.”

Photo: (c) Shinta Ozawa

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