The now 48-year old rock master Toni Lamprecht can still do it. So he could with „Real Absurdistan“ in his homeland Kochel a new 8C-Boulder first ascented. Meanwhile, Toni is already over 30 years in the top eighth bouldering on the way. Respect! The „Real Absurdistan“ is the extended „Mother’s Day Roof“ FB 8b + and ran by Toni under the name „Stoamatz Project“.

Of course you can have the story about „Real Absurdistan“. It is a part of the so called „Stoamatz-Project“, which I am trying since more than 2 years. „Real Absurdistan“ is the lowest start of the roof part. It is 17 moves long, moves that afford besides maximum span a lot of body tension and good coordination. I tried it at least 60 to 70 days. This spring 20-30 and another 15 sessions this autumn/winter.

The full „Stoamatz-project“ would ad another FB 8A+ traverse with very tricky moves on slopers that need good conditions. That would be a nerve reckin‘ extension, 33 moves in total.

Sisyphus was a guy in the greek mythology. He spends his time rolling up a stone to the top of a mountain, but the stone never stayed there. It rolled down on the other side and he had to roll it up again ad again. The philosophical aspect of the Sisyphus tale is whether he was unhappy with the result (never reaching the goal, that the rock is staying on top) or he was just happy by rolling itself. I think we climber have a very Sisyphus-sense of doing what we love. It is kind of a strange fate to try a route over and over again and even if we reach the top we go on to the next route or boulder. Are we unhappy never climbing THE route or is it just being happy to try something?

Absurdistan is total in that dilemma because I climbed a higher version in spring and could have stopped, but there was the lower start and now there still would be an extension and so on and on. AS long as I keep projecting I seem to be happy even if I never climb the route of my life. But maybe that’s not even important. Not to Sisyphus nor to us climbers…“