After Austin Purdy, the Dutchman Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen can now climb with ‚The Story of 2 Worlds‘ in Cresciano, Switzerland. It was the second boulder in this grade for the Dutch after ‚Big Island‘ in 2015. ‚The story‘ was first ascented by Dave Graham in 2010. The name of the boulder refers to the „very soft“ ratings common at the time. For the boulder was is the 25th ascent.

„The Story of Two Worlds (8C) . One of the most classic hard climbs I know of. The new standard by @dave_graham. It took me 3 days to unlock all the secrets of the Dagger and 2 more to send Story. Just to be clear I did it with a kneepad (and liked it this way), my first kneepad experience. Still feels like one of the hardest things I ever did. Probably even harder without the kneepad, didn’t try it that way. Respect to all guys who did it OG style. I am not done with this block! The other side is still waiting. One day I have to come to Ticino without a finger injury. I keep on #dreaming For this moment I am happy, just happy and satisfied.“

Photo: (c) Sophia