Daniel Woods manages his sixth 8C + boulder with „Off the Wagon sit“ 8C+ in the Valle Bavona in Switzerland. It was the second repetition of the boulder after Jimmy Webb’s ascent.

At the end of 2018 Shawn Raboutou was able to give the Nalle Hukkataival Boulder „Off the wagon“ (8B+) in Valle Bavona a sit start. The move alone should check in at grade 8A. The result was probably the hardest boulder in Switzerland at the moment. Anyway, Shawn suggested 8C +. The grading is realistic, the original boulder already checked in at 8B +. Nalle has suggested in 2012 8C for the 13-move original boulder, but the repeaters downgraded it to 8B +.

jwebxl makes first repeat of the sit, and now I followed suit shortly after. One of the more exhilerating experiences I have had in bouldering. The power, precision, and accuracy needed to send is difficult to have align in unison. Each session I put 50/50 odds on myself if it would go down or not. This soon turned into a mental battle. I was pretty limit on the send, but somehow managed to maintain zone state and top it out. Top 3 power blocs in the world for me. Nice work shawn for establishing the blocs full line!“

Photo: (c): Mary Meck