The 14-year-old Bulgarian Alex Totkova was climb her first route in this level of difficulty with „Victimes del futur“ (9a) in the Spanish climbing crag Margalef. Jakob Schubert climbed the route flash last year and suggested 8c+/ 9a as for grading. Only last year the Bulgarian climbed her first 8c route in Leonidio, Greece, with the „Goofy“.

„The route is really steep with small pockets that suits me. There is a rest before the crux. At the begging I was taking the crux pocket with right hand but one day before going home I tried the original(left hand) beta and did it too. On the last day of our trip I did’t know which beta is better. The try before I send it I was so close with the original (left hand) but my foot silpped. I was nervous because I knew that I have only one more go……. booom“