"Neverending Story 1 + 2" (8B+) flashed by Jakob Schubert

Jakob Schubert spent two days in the Swiss bouldering area “Magic Wood”. In addition to “New Base Line” and “Practice of the wild” (also known as soft 8C), he manage with “Neverending Story 1 + 2” a third boulder in grade 8B+. It was after “Catalan Witness the Fitness” Jakob’s second boulder in this grade in “flash mode”.

Jakob Schubert’s Ticklist:

Boulder Problems:
Day 1:
One summer in paradise 8A+
New Base Line 8B+
Voigas 8A flash
Octopussy 8A flash
Jack’s broken heart 8A flash

Day 2:
Rythmo 7C+ flash
Riders on the storm 8A+
Practice of the wild 8B+
Neverending Story 8B+ flash


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