On the YouTube channel mellow Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb rage on some of boulder in the Swiss Valle Bavona. Also included the first ascent of Daniel Woods „4-low“ (8C).

Daniel Woods:

„4-Low“ (8C/v15) FA

Primitivo“ (8C/v15)

Off the Wagon Low“ (8C/v16) 3rd ascent (FA Shawn Raboutou)

Jimmy Webb:

Roadkill“ (8C/v15) 2nd ascent (FA Shawn Raboutou)

Off the Wagon Low“ (8C+/v16) 2nd ascent (FA Shawn Raboutou)

Poison the Well“ (8C+/v16) 2nd ascent (FA Giuliano Cameroni)

Film and edit by Kevin Takashi Smith

„4-Low“ was graded 8C by Daniel Woods, but it should be quite tough. Jimmy Webb’s standing start was graded from him 8A. For Daniel it was his sensational 30th ascent of a boulder with grade 8C or higher and his 17th new creation in this area.