The Swiss Giuliano Cameroni sents a new first ascent with „Blade Runner“ 8B+/C in the bouldering area Rocky Mountains National Park (RMNP) last year. The Boulder is an variation to „Jade“ (8B+). He is not sure about the grading, then graded him „soft“ 8C or 8B+/C: „6 moves V10 into 3 moves hard and technical V13. maybe 8b+/c“ Now Matt Fultz was able to send the third repeat.

„Finally ticked this one off! I don’t think any boulder has put me through the ringer quite like this one…a wild testpiece that has as much to do with skin and conditions as finger strength. 3am alarms, countless splits…I enjoyed the process, but at the same time I’m relieved to be done with it ime for some ice cream!“

Photo: Kevin Takashi-Smith