Alex Puccio, who is now 31 years old, was able to climb another V14 / 8B + boulder with „Reverse Logic“ in Coal Creek. According to her, Paul Robinson’s boulder is somewhat lighter. Last week Alex Puccio climbs with ‚Wheel direct‘ also an 8B+-Boulder It was her seventh and eighth 8B + boulder overall, including their new creation ‚Super low Chimichanga right‚ in spring. Hard to believe, but true, Alex now has over 30 grade 8B boulders and harder on their ticklist. „With 5 hours sleep, we got up “early”, for us, to get the “better” conditions, 70-75 degrees-ish. Luckily all I needed was 2 tries to send. . Reverse Logic 8B+/ V14 (?) put up by @paulrobinson87 not so long ago. It ether suited me REALLY well or it’s more of an 8B/ V13?! Time will tell. 🙂 Some cool moves tho! . This was my second try from the start today and I tried it a couple days ago and almost did it that day.“