The blind 34-year-old climber Jesse Dufton was now able to climb two E2 5c (VII) routes onsight or, as Jesse calls it, „N0nsight“. Both routes ‚Forked Lightning Crack‘ (E2 5c / VII) and ‚Auricle‘ (E2 5c/ VII) are Trad-Routes.

„I got another E2 non-sight, Auricle!! 
It was warm, humid and I wasn’t feeling on top form…but it was there and there’s no time like the present, so I jumped on! Super happy with this one, it was less suited to my style – no crack, no jamming, slabby and precise footwork would have been helpful. But I do have a long reach which was definitely beneficial! I managed to keep a cool head after the crux, while I was hanging off one arm searching for something to stand on with my other hand. Apparently this isn’t normal! Molly was ace as always, another cracking day at the crag. „

Jesse was born with severe visual impairment and then gradually lost his eyesight. He use a laser pointer when he were climbing indoors to shine on holds. It has not worked for five years either and he can no longer see his hand in front of his eyes and is therefore dependent on the verbal instructions of his wife and belayer Molly. Jesse became known by climbing the Old Man of Hoy. This ascent was reported in the documentary „Climbing Blind“.