Anatole Bosio can ten days after his successfull try in „Aubade Directe“ 9a/+ Anatole was also successful in „Supercrackinette“ 9a +. It was the 5th ascent of the route that he projected it two days last winter.

In March, the French Julia Chanourdie was the first woman to climb the route and now belongs to the exclusive club of climbers who could climb a 9a + route, alongside Laura Rogora, Angy Eiter, Margo Hayer and Anak Verhoeven.

The route was first climbed by Alex Megos in 2016 and flashed by Adam Ondra in 2018. It was the first ever flash ascent of a 9a + route.

„BOOM 10 days after doing Aubade Directe, I am doing my second 9a + I had come to carry out a putsch and I did it: 2 days to chain this King Line it seemed crazy but I knew it was possible, 1 day to readjust the track (I had not been back since ‚before confinement), 1st test of the second day I took out the dragon. and produced my best climb in a fairytale run! I floated from take to take and gave it my all on the last movement! When I held the grip of the final crux I understood what I had just achieved, mind-blowing return to reality“

Photo: (c)  Jean-Elie Lugon