The 9b ascents are pushing this year.  Let someone say that hard Olympic training doesn’t good. After the Austrian Jakob Schubert, Alexander Megos was also send  „La Capella“ 9b (9a+) in the Spanish climbing crag Siurana.

„This one felt very hard to me if I’m honest. I had a lot of trouble with this undercling move on the picture and fell there quite a few days.
Looks like there is a bit of confusion about the grades here at the Capella sector and I’ll also write a post to show how hard and how individual grading and difficulties of routes can be. No matter the grade though, it was fun and a good challenge. I can’t thank @jenya_kazbekova enough for the support and for going to this cold place with me so many times. Also big thanks to @esteban.ele.eme for the good times and all the great pictures of the last few weeks „

In the usual „Schubert manner“, Jakob downgraded the route by one grade. Alex doesn’t downgraded the route, but he is a bit of confused about the grades at the ‚Capella sector‘.

„La Capella“ was first climbed by Adam Ondra in 2011 and, like „La Capella“ (9b), bolted by David Brasco. For Alex it was the tth ascent of „La Capella“, see the hardest routes in the world.

Photo: (c) Esteban Lahoz