Seb Bouin continues to fight for grade 9b+. Now he first ascented with ‚Beyond integral‚ a 50 meter endurance hammer with an intermediate grade of 9b/ +. He graded his new tour on the north face of the Pic Saint Loup as equal difficult as „Move“ or „La rage d’Adam„. The route is a extension of his route ‚Beyond‚ 9a + and it’s end follows a hard 8A+ boulder problem. The route was bolted by Fredric Ferraro. He also  first ascented“Terra Nova“ 8c + . Also bolted in by Fredric Ferraro. „After days and days on the top of the north face of the Pic Saint Loup mountain, I am more than happy to make last Tuesday the FA of „Beyond integral“ 9b/+ bolted by Fedric Ferraro. I can’t count how many times I went on the upper section trying to find a sequence. That’s the FA privilege. This place means a lot to me. It’s super cool to climb on the top of this beautiful mountain, dominating the valley. This 50 meters route is composed of two parts : a first 9a+ followed by a 8a+ boulder problem. The moves are amazing and spectacular, jumps, dropknees, hills, tuffas, crimps,… all the ingredients for a perfect project. There is a good rest between both parts. About the grade, it’s hard to have a clear mind and to prononce myself. I spent a lot of time to find the sequences. I think this route is on the same range than „Move“ or „La rage d’Adam“. That’s why I propose 9b/+. Waiting for some climbers to try this piece I also did the FA of „Terra Nova“ 8c+ bolted by Fedric Ferraro. It’s a nice line with a spicy end . Thank you Fed to add new lines there . This experience was special. At the beginning I thought I will not find the adventure I can find on a trip on a new area. Then, when I was involved in the process, I lived fully the adventure around my house. It was maybe more intense than a trip process. I rediscovered the Pic Saint Loup sector as it was a new crag. I enjoyed the walk to reach the top of that mountain. I rediscovered the warm up routes, and I was thinking of bolting new routes. There is always new adventures to live, even if you know really well the place. The video is coming in 2021, stay tuned“ Pic by @raphaelfourau