Video: 'No kapote only' (8C+?) by Nico Pelorson

The Frenchman Nicolas Pelorson sends the third ascent of “No kapote only” (8c +). Originally even graded 9A by barefoot climber Charles Albert, Nico would personal grade him with a “solid” 8C. It was also his third 8C boulder after “The Big Island” and “Délir onririque assis” last year. He climbed the latter as a “homage” to the barefoot climbing first climber Charles Albert with only one shoe ;-). “Yesterday I did the 3rd ascent of ‘no kapote only’. It was opened by @barefoot_charles at 9a (v17). With climbing shoes and optimized betas, it looks more like a solid 8c (v15). It’s really nice to climb so Charles for the FA of this boulder and thank you also @hugoparmentier for the video !!” Photo and Video: (c) Hugo Parmentier

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