Routes: „red“- 24 Stunden Freiheit; green-Rampenführe

The „Alpinfabrik“ Martin Feistl and Sven Brand were able to open a new route in the north face of the Sagwand in the Austrian Valsertal in mid-November 2020 with the „24 Stunden Freiheit“ (300 m, M6, WI 4, X). The route is a direct entry to the „Rampenführe“, the oldest route in the wall, and shares a short section with the „winter version“ of the „Schiefer Riss“, which Hansjörg Auer, David Lama and Peter Ortner climbed in 2013. For the first ascent she need 11 hours in total for the 950 meters in altitude. Martin on Insta:„Made between all the sportclimbing the FA of „24 hours of freedom“ (300m, M6, WI 4, X) on Sagwand, a direct start to the remaining 650m of the „Rampenführe“ which we climbed by night to the summit, reaching difficulties up to M7. With 11 hours of non-stop climbing together with @svenbrand2905, this was one of my most memorable days in the mountains.“ At the beginning of the month Martin and David Bruder did the first free ascent of the „Sagzahnverschneidung“ on the same wall.