Brette Harrington also used of the beautiful weather in Patagonia. With Quentin L. Roberts and Horacio Gratton with „Marc-Andrés Visión“ (90 °, IX-) on the east pillar of Torre Egger, she was able to open up a new dream line in Patagonia. Brette dedicated the almost 1000 meter long route to her fatal accident friend Marc-André Leclerc.

This is what I was up to for the past 5 days. Along with @quentinclimbing and @horaciogratton we finished our line called Marc-Andrés Visión on the East Pillar of Torre Egger by linking it into the upper Titanic Headwall, to the summit. Cold and icy conditions made the climbing quite challenging, often by use of one crampon on the left foot and one rock shoe on the right foot, one ice axe, and bare hands. 4 days on the wall has left me feeling so very content with our effort and patience as we waited for the wall to clean itself of ice. This would not have been possible without the endless inspiration from @mdre92 . I did not stop thinking of him up there soloing this mountain alone in winter of 2016. #ClimbOnMA , you amaze me more and more as I retrace your steps through the mountains. I will love you forever.