In addition to the teams Roland Hemetzberger/ Fabian Hagenauer and Christian Hechenberger and Simon Berger, also Guido Unterwurzacher and Alex Huber were climb on the Südpfeiler (South pillar) of the Maukspitze in the Wilden Kaiser „(Austria/Tyrol). The result was the route „Koasabluad“ (X + / 8b +). The route was opened groundup with as few anchors as possible. Photos: (c) Max Berger, Petzl (Austria) Facts: „Koasabluad“, FA Alex Huber, Guido Unterwurzacher 2013, First Redpoint Ascent 2019 Grading: 7a, 7c+, 7a, 8b+, 7a, 8a, 6a