FA "Northface" of the Rauchkofel by Simon Gietl and Aaron Duragati

On Sunday, November 29th, 2020, the two South Tyrolean Simon Gietl and Aaron Duragati opened a new route in the virgin north face of the Rauchkofel in the Rieserferner Group (Southtyrol). The Rauchkof (e) l is situated between Windschar and Fensterlerkofl and has a height of 3,043 meters.   Rauchkofel- Nordwand (Northface)

First ascent: November 29, 2020 by Simon Gietl and Aaron Duragati

Difficulty: M5

Character: beautiful combined climbing on partially brittle rock only recommended in cold temperatures!

Wall height: approx. 500 meters

Material: a set of Friends, possibly hammer and pitons. No material was left in the wall.

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