Video: "Et pour quelques dégaines de plus" 9a+ and more by Alex Megos

Alexander Megos was once again in one of his favorite crag in Saint-Léger du Ventoux. So he first ascended the „Supercrackinette“ 9a + five years ago. This time he was able to put several of his projects aside. In addition to the first ascent „Et pour quelques dégaines de plus“ 9a+, he also managed two routes in intermediate grade 9a / + (see ticklist).

– „Les petits chefs des néant“ 8c

– „La tournée du patron“ 8c

– „L’étrave“ 8c

– „Rêve de Poutre“ 8c/+

– „Crackinette“ 8c+

– „La Ligne Claire“ 8c+

– „La Castagne“ 9a/+, (orginally graded with 9a+)

– „La Cadafist“ 9a/+ (first ascent after broken a key hold)

-„Et pour quelques dégaines de plus“ 9a+ (FA)

„St. Léger has been a special place for me since the first time I came here with @_felixfelicius_ seven years ago. This time I came back to repeat some routes and also check out some more projects. After seven great days of climbing with @jenya_kazbekova@hungrylatvian and @alex__rohr I could tick some old projects I tried on a previous trip and also do a first ascent!“

The video show: A footage of Alex‘ ascent of „La Castagne“ 9a/+ in St. Léger. It took him in 3 tries (one day). It was probably the  first repeat of the route. First ascented by Adam Ondra in 2018. 

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