For a long time nothing was heard from Stefano Ghisolfi. Now the currently strongest Italian climber has combined the two routes „L’arciere“ (8c) with the whole route Goosfraba (8c +). The result was the first ascent „Terapia d’urto“ 9a+. There is no rest between the two routes, which of course makes things a little bit harder ;-).

An unconventional route, in a small cave in Padaro, bolted by the boulder master @kirsch_climbing and finally freed! I’ve been working some days on this line that follows the whole roof in the cave, connecting the hardest part of L’arciere (8c) with the whole route Goosfraba (8c+) with no rest between the 2 routes. It could seem a short and powerful route, but the endurance plays an important role in it, with around 40 intese moves! You’ll see more about it in the next Chapter of The Climbing Diaries, online next week, I’m looking forward to show you more all the amazing moves!!

Photo: (c) Chris Enry