Alexander Megos back at home sends with „Hallo kitty“ (9a+/XI/XI+) the combination of the routes „Pantera“ (11) and „Black Label“ (11) in the  crag „Scheiderloch“ in Franconia Germany.

„Between the comp simulations over the past couple of weekends I sneaked in a day or two outside in the Frankenjura.
Had a great (and short) day at Schneiderloch last Sunday doing the FA of „Hello Kitty“ 11/11+ (9a+)

It’s a combination of the two routes „Pantera“ and „Black Label“ and it combines the hard parts of both routes. @pirminbertle started trying this combination a little while ago and added a bolt in the middle section, which got cut off a few weeks later. He added the bolt to make the middle section easier to work.
I climbed it without that additional bolt, making the middle section a little spicy but not dangerous by any means.
I did both „Pantera“ and „Black Label“ more than 5 years ago. After checking out the combination twice this Sunday I gave it a try and somehow stuck all the moves straight away! Thank you for a lovely day outside with the crew!“

Foto: @kraftfactory