With the temperatures we provided a bit of cooling. The following video shows Chris Sharma in one of the most beautiful and spectacular routes on this planet. Chris Sharma designed a line at the bottom of a free-standing limestone bridge near the coast of Mallorca. In September 2006 he finally managed to climb this masterpiece for the first time. „Es Pontás“ (The Bridge) was not graded by him at the time, at that time it was probably the toughest route in the world and is now graded 9a+/ b. It was not repeated for a decade and to date has only been successfully climbed by two other climbers. In addition to the Slovenian Jernej Kruder, the German Jan Hojer was also successful.

This piece is dedicated to the late Miquel Riera, the godfather of Mallorcan Psicobloc (deep water soloing) who introduced us all to the fantastic sea cliffs here, loved sharing the beauty of his island, and even pointed Chris to Es Pontas, the ultimate „King Line.“

Ein Video von Reel Rock