There is now something news from the strong Czech Martin Stráník. After „Warrior“ he was able to open a new top boulder in grade 8C with „Faethon“ (8C) in the Bohemian Elbe Valley,

Alongside the previously unrepeated boulder „Warrior“ (8C), „Poslední mažoret“ (The Last Majorette) (8C) by Rostislav „Rosta“ Stefanek and „Double Back-Flip“ (8C/+) in the Bahra Valley by Michael Scholz, the boulder probably offers the most difficult metres of climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

It was the Czech’s 13th 8C boulder and the third 8C boulder in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains alongside „Warrior“ and „Double Back-Flip“ (8C/+).