Alexander Megos visited his favourite climbing area „Margalef“, as he has done so often before. Here he was able to climb „Perfecto Mundo“ (9b+) for the first time a few years ago. This time Alexander was also very successful, besides repeating the two 9a+ routes“Samfaina“ and „Carlota la Colombiana“ (first repeat). The former route was first ascented by Chris Sharma in 2010 and was upgraded to 9a+ by Jorge Diaz-Rullo Calvo. Alex also agreed his grading after his ascent of the route „Samfaina“.

This time he was first ascented the route „Carlota’s Journey„.  For the latter route, a combination of „Carlota“ (not Carotta ;-)) and Tom Bolger’s project „The Journey“, the Franconian also throws out a grade 9a+.  On this trip, Alex was also managed his nemesis project „Finestra“ (9a) finally.

„My trip to Margalef has come to an end. I can’t describe how good it felt to spend time outside again, after a tough couple of months.
This time I had the pleasure to share some incredible experiences with part of my new Ukrainian (and Russian) family. Thanks team for the good times.
Also happy about sending three 9a+’s and my nemesis 9a at Finestra.
One of the 9a+’s was the FA of „Carlota’s Journey“. It’s a combination of Carlota (8c) into the top of a new line bolted by @tom_bolger. Crux is a deadpoint into a mono. Margalef at its finest.“

Photo: (c) Esteban Lahoz