Matt Fultz succeeds with „Brace for the Cure“ (8C+/V16) in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) his first first ascent of an 8C+ boulder. If the difficulty is confirmed, it would be his 5th ascent of an 8C+ boulder in total and within the last two years for the US-American. „Brace for the Cure“ climbs the famous Jade (8B+/V14), then a crux cross-and-toss transition, into a single-move V10. Nice little victory V10 top-out to finish which didn’t get recorded.

„Lots of hard work for this one! My hardest first ascent and probably the second hardest problem I’ve ever done. Always seemed to have a problem getting weather, skin, energy, and accuracy aligned.

This is quite a unique problem. Each move individually isn’t too bad if you hit the holds perfectly. But the crimps are sharp, small, and precise. Often I would grab one of the holds wrong by just a little bit, then would be frozen for the next move. So satisfying to send and hit every hold perfectly for once!“