Christof Rauch sends a ascent of a 9a route with „Intermezzo XY gelöst“ in the Austrian climbing crag Plombergstein near Salzburg. The route was first ascented by none other than Klem Loskot in 1997.

The bouldery route with its 19 moves over a length of 9 metres is ideal for boulderer Christof, short, difficult and technical.

„My favourite season is in full swing! On Friday I went back to Allgäu to try this amazing, bouldery route, „Frontman Deluxe“ (9a). Thanks to my friend @dominikboesch `s perfect beta I was able to send it on my third session.
After one day of rest and still pretty psyched I went to check out Klem Loskot`s testpiece „Intermezzo XY gelöst“ (9a). It took me quite some time to find my own beta. Despite weird conditions, foggy and really cold, I had a quite good try at the end of the session and I knew I had to come back soon.
Suprisingly my friend @floschmalzl was really syked to try it the next day, so I took the chance and we went back to the route. After some failed attemps Flo started the sendtrain but I punted 2 times on the last hard move. Without any expectations left I made one last try, dominated the last hard move to the two finger pocket and clipped the chain of this awesome route. Special thanks to my girl @julia_rechenmacher for the belay in really cold and foggy conditions on the first day and to @floschmalzl for pushing me really hard at the send.
Onto the next project!“

The route became famous through two ascents: Jakob Kronberger was able to climb the route in 2015 at the age of 14! and Alex Megos flashed the route in September of this year. It was his first flash ascent of a 9a route for Alex. Christof is mostly bouldering and was able to get the 3rd ascent of „Stil vor Talent“ 8C at the beginning of this month.