Kim Marschner was in Switzerland again and was successful. He was able to first ascented his second 8C boulder „Peace Corps“ (8C), after „Forgotten Gem“ last year.

Kim actually „only“ wanted to climb the line „Fight Club“ (8B+), which was opened by Shawn Raboutou on 17 March 2022, but after only two days the ascent was history. Together with Giuliano Cameroni, who had already climbed the boulder in mid-March, he then tried the direct line and was able to climb it on the second attempt. Dave Graham, who suggested the name „Peace Corps“ in contrast to „Fight Club“, was also there.

„Feeling in decent shape at the moment. Was able to climb this stunning line called ‚Fightclub‘ (8b+) two weeks ago and finished the day by opening the direct version to it. @dave_graham_ suggested the name ‚Peace Corps‘ which really fits perfectly because we had a super chill session together with @giuliano_cameroni that day. The total opposite of Fightclub which is normally the case because you need a big crew with a lot of pads to try it.
Congrats to @giuliano_cameroni for the second ascent a few days later. We both think ‚Peace Corps‘ is a grade harder than ‚Fightclub‘ so 8C seems fair. Even if it’s probably low end of the grade.“

Giuliano Cameroni followed up a few days later with the first repetition and confirmed Kim’s grading.

Shawn Raboutou in „Fight Club“ (8B+):