As the „Office national des forêts“ (Forestry Office of Fontainebleau) officially announces in a letter, certain areas in the French bouldering crag of Fontainebleau will become „Integrated Biological Reserves“ (RBIs). There, leaving the trails (areas marked in colour on the map) is not allowed. This makes it practically impossible to climb or boulder legally in these areas.

For example, the „Béorlots“ (parcels 644, 645, 654 and 655), Rocher de La Combe (parcel 151) and La Mare aux Corneilles (parcel 159) lie entirely within an RBI.

As Bart van Raaij, the author of relevant climbing guides, writes, these areas are marked 5+6 and 7+8 on and in his bouldering guides. Bart van Raaij will not list these areas in future editions.

There are some absolute classics in these areas. Nevertheless, we ask all climbers not to enter these areas anymore to avoid (further) closures. Please inform yourself well about what is allowed and what is not. And also: if it is not strictly forbidden, it does not mean that it is good…

Fortunately, the forest is very big and there are at least 35,000 other problems to put on your tick-list.