A few years ago, Vadim Timonov „discovered“ „Djan-tugan“, a world-class bouldering crag, according to his own statement, in the Central Caucasus in a side valley of the Baksan Valley in the Elbrus region. The area was only created in 2017 after a mudflow washed away a lot of blocks.

Of course, he also opened up a few boulders there, including the first ascent of „Low Priora“ 8C/+, which was the hardest boulder in Russia at the time. Now Wadim was able to go one better and make the first ascent of „Blackflip sit“ (8C+/9A), an even harder boulder. Unfortunately, the current difficult situation makes it a bit difficult for top foreign climbers to repeat the boulder, so that one might have to wait a bit longer for a confirmation of the difficulty.

I thought long and hard before posting this. It’s been over a week since I made this boulder.
Perhaps one of my achievements in rock climbing! 3 times I came to Djan-tugan with the main goal – to make this boulder. I spent many days finding the right body position on the wall to make the moves, a lot of days putting all those moves together and climbing it. I give this grade based on my own experience, relying on boulders that I have made and tried all over the world. I put a slash only because of some fear of declaring the highest grade, because I know that more is possible!
Video coming soon. Stay tuned!