US siblings Shawn and Brooke Raboutou sends a ascent of „Box Therapy“ in Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA).

Brooke means: „One of the most magical days! Last weekend I rallied the family and we ventured out into the depths of Wild Basin. Shawn and I managed to do the ultimate dream: sibling send of box therapy, same day, back-to-back tries. To have our parents behind us shuffling pads and videoing was the cherry on top. I first touched this boulder in September 2022 and have not stopped dreaming about it since that day. It took me a whole year to get back on it, but in a few sessions, I was able to stand atop one of the most beautiful climbs I’ve ever done. Shout out to @tommycaldwell for finding the boulder and putting up the stand, @dawoods89 for the FA, and @ktlambies for recently doing the FFA and inspiring me to get back up there.

Grades are tricky because they truly are subjective and can feel different for everyone. Here’s my opinion: after chatting with my brother and others who have done the climb, I feel like V15 is an appropriate grade especially if I compare it to some of the benchmark V15’s I’ve tested. Above all, I am filled with joy and gratitude for my family and the adventures we get to go on together, as well as all the surrounding support that continues to push me further.“

The boulder problem was first ascented by Daniel Woods in October 2018 and has been repeated several times recently. Originally graded 8C+ by Daniel, it is now considered more of an 8C. The boulder has also already received a female ascent with Katie Lamp in September this year.

The children of sport climbing legends Didier and Robyn Raboutou (née Erbesfield) are both successful boulderers. Brooke has already climbed several 8B+ boulders such as „Trieste“ (8b+). Box Therapy“ was her first 8C boulder and certainly not the easiest. Brooke is one of the few women who sends an 8C boulder. Her brother Shawn is one of the few boulderers who have climbed a 9A boulder so far.

Photo: (c) Finn Stack