Miles Adamson gelingt mit der Verlängerung der Route „Don’t Rock the Boatswain“ (5.14b bzw- X+/XI-) die wohl härteste Mehrseilängenroute in Kanada. Die Route führt über ein großes Dach mit einem schweren Boulder zum Ausstieg. Miles bohrte zusammen mit Zach Watson die Route im Laufe von fünf Jahren von unten ein und konnte die sechs Seillängen lange Originalroute letzes Jahr im September klettern.

Miles meint dazu: „I did the first ascent of the „Don’t Rock the Boatswain“ Extension, the massive roof pitch. I’m proposing a grade of 5.14b for it. It’s a strange overhanging corner to a good rest, which leads to a brutal boulder on the roof. The boulder is I think V11 and caps the entire multipitch. The exposure is insane as you can see 200m of wall straight to the ground as your feet cut. It is the hardest multipitch in the Bow Valley and is amoung the hardest multipitches in Canada. Zach Watson and I bolted this line entirely on lead over the course of 5 years, and sent the first 6 pitches last September.

Of course on the way down the fucking rap ropes got stuck. They got so twisted together that we couldn’t overcome the friction to continue pulling. I’ve never heard of that happening before but one rope was new and was really twisty. They just twisted themselves together as we were pulling and it got worse and worse until they were totally stuck together. Zach and Morgan were bolting a mew multipitch to the side as Alex and I climbed past. We managed to throw the end of the stuck ropes to them, rap down it and then change over to their fixed ropes to get down. If they weren’t there we almost certainly would have needed a rescue. But I like rapped sideways and threw them my rope so we’re all good.“