Die junge Schweizerin Katherine Choong konnte mit der Route „La Ligne Claire“ im französischen Klettergebiet Saint-Léger du Ventoux eine 8c+-Route klettern. Katherine Choong ist Mitglied der Schweizer Nationalmannschaft und konnte auch schon mit „Jungfraumarathon“ und „Cabane au Canada“ zwei 9a-Route klettern. Nach einem Tief nach der Europameisterschaft im Dezember letzten Jahres hatte Katherine einfach wieder Bock auf Naturfels. So motiviert wie Katherine ist, dürfen wir mal gespannt sein.

I always loved St-Léger and because of the Covid-19 and the restrictions, France was the only possible destination. After seeing Nolwenn Berthier’s (a very strong french climber) very inspiring video, I was psyched to try La Ligne Claire.

Without any expectation I started this project thinking that I had no chance and that difficult routes were not for not doable for me before a long time. But my shape and especially the motivation came back slowly with the progress in the route.

It took me quite a while to send the route but I really loved the whole process, feeling my body adapting to the moves that felt impossible at the beginning, regaining confidence and to be back in the fight mode again (even when I fell 3x just a few move before the top 😉 ) Especially thanks to the great people with whom I shared good times there.

For the future projects: I’m very motivated to try other difficult routes, maybe in St-Léger or Mollans and also to try some multipitch routes in the Gorges du Verdon and at home in Switzerland :-).

Photo: (c) Photo de Hugo Vincent

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