Die Schweizer Allrounderin Katherine Choong konnte, zusammen mit ihrem Partner Jim Zimmermann, mit der Route „Hattori Hanzō“ (8b+/X+) in der Nordwand des Titlis ihre bisher schwerste Mehrseillängenroute klettern. Die Rotpunktbegehung erfolgte an einem Tag. Die Route wurde am 16. August 2013 von Matthias Trottmann eingebohrt und erstbegangen. 

Die Route beginnt mit  vier mäßig gesicherten Plattenseillängen   (5b, 6b, 7b, 6c). In den Schüsselseillängen steilt die Wand zu einem langen beeindruckenden Überhang (8b+, 8a+, 7a) auf. Wo sich Katherine mit ihren Partner Jim Zimmermann dann auch naturgemäß recht schwer tat.

So happy to complete in a perfect no fall ascent Hattori Hanzo, 7 pitches, 8b+ max. (5b, 6b, 7b, 6c, 8b+, 8a+, 7a) in a day

And the best part is that my partner Jim Zimmermann also sent the route on the same day Located in the north face of the Titlis this route was a great mental and physical challenge ! I led all the pitches, one after the other. Jim top ropped the 4th « easy » first pitches and I belayed him on lead for the 3 last pitches.

The route starts with 4 vertical slabs pitches which on paper are graded „easy“. Only one bolt in the first one, a few more in the following ones, very small holds, the approach is already quite tough mentally before arriving at the start of the crux pitches which follow in a long impressive overhang. We faced many failures, falling in the run-outs of the crux pitches and so unable the first time we tried the route to climb to the top ! But the magic happened and day after day, thanks to our mutual support, we could figure out the moves and finally climb all the pitches.

I would like to thank Matthias Trottmann who did the first ascent in 2013, for the massiv work he did when he bolted this route on this impressive face and for all the information & advice he gave me!