Julian Söhnlein hat es endlich geschafft seinem Projekt am Jungfernriss im Frankenjura die erste Begehung abzuringen. Heraus kam seine bisher schwerste Neutour „Mastermind (11-). Glückwunsch Julian!

Julian dazu: „Last year, I thought I’m not able to climb a route in this grade. Last year, a friend wrote in my book and on a picture of me: “dream big”… Today is the day where I can say @margojain – I did! I dreamt big but now the dream isn’t a dream anymore, now it is reality! I did a lot to realize this, my hardest first ascent, my hardest route so far and my goal 2018.  So many people supported me, cheered on and wrote motivational words! Thank you so much!“

Foto: (c) Christian Seitz