Die mittlerweile 52 Jahre alte Kletterlegende Ben Moon gelang nun eine Wiederholung von Jerry Moffatts wohl schwersten Route „Evolution“ (8c+) am „Ravens Tor“. Die Jerry Moffatt Route stufte Ben als sehr harte 8c+ und meinte, daß sich die Route schwierigkeitsmäßig kaum von seiner Erstbegehung „Rainshadow“ (9a) unterscheidet. Die boulderartige Route ist nur 10 Meter lang.

Ben Moon erschloß mit der selten wiederholten Route „Hubble“, die weltweit erste 8c+-Route am selben Fels, welche manch einer auch als 9a-Route einstuft ;-).

Ben zu seiner Begehung: „Super psyched to final redpoint this really hard Jerry Moffatt test piece from the 90s at my local crag Ravens Tor. Only gets 8c+ but I don’t think there is a grade difference between this route and Rainshadow 9a. It’s a classic Ravens Tor route, only 10m long but basically sustained bouldering all the way. Probably hard Font 8a into hard route 8b with no rests and a heartbreak dyno to finish. It’s a great end to the year for me which has been one of the best of the past 35 years climbing. Racked up another 15 days on Northern Lights and although I didn’t quite make it came very close. Northern Lights is another level to routes like Evolution or Rainshadow and I’m sure one day will be recognised as 9a+. I feel in great shape for my age and looking forward to renewing my battle with this route again next year. Still learning about climbing and training even after all these years and most importantly still enjoying myself. Didn’t get a video of the whole ascent today but got the important bit!“