Die Deutsche Solveig Korherr konnte mit „Turkish Moon“ 8c im türkischen Klettergebiet Datça ihre zweite 8c im Februar klettern. Die 22-jährige Deutsche ist schon seit etwa drei Monaten in der Türkei und noch will sie nicht wieder zurück ;-).

„It is a very unique line in the Can Baba cave and unlike most of the other routes, it is less kneebar intense and more finger strength dependent. I tried this route at the beginning of our trip here in Datça, but unfortunately, with wet holds and bad conditions, it was almost impossible to move off these small holds. After having done most of the classics, I finally came back to this one! It was really nice to get my fingers on some crimps! After I found all the beta, it came rather quickly together. It took me four redpoint tries to get to the anchor. „Turkish Moon“ suited me a lot more than some of the other powerful climbs in the cave! I’m glad that after climbing with so many kneebars in the last month, I was still able to hold on to some smaller holds :)“ Hier ist die komplette Ticklist bei TheCrag von Solveig .

Fotos: (c) Jon Shen