Der junge Spanier Jorge Diaz-Rullo konnte sich jetzt die erste Wiederholung von Alex Megos „The full journey“ (9b) in Margalef holen. Jorge gelang dies nach nur vier Tagen 4 Tagen „Arbeit“, wobei er den ersten Teil schon vor einem Jahr und den zweiten Teil vor einer Woche klettern konnte.

After sending „The Journey R1“ (9a/+) last year, I already had half of the full puzzle figured out. A few days ago I completed The second part with „Carlota’s Journey“ (9a+), at this point I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be able to complete the original line. But I didn’t think it would be so fast. As soon as I repeated the first top, I sent the complete line

An attempt in which everything was to the limit in which I would say that luck was with me

It was a real pleasure to be able to climb another line on this amazing wall. Another small step and another training complete, just another step to my long awaited project.

About the grade, @alexandermegos proposed 9b. I personally don’t like monos that much so I opted to make a small dynamic move from a very bad crimp and thus dodging that mono in the last hard boulder problem. This beta made the route easier for me, although I think that this boulder has the same difficulty using one method or the other, around 8A-8A+. I also used a couple of kneebars which clearly helped me but I don’t think it would change anything difficulty wise, the really hard part is the last crux. In my opinion, this route is easier than it’s neighbor „Café solo“, but probably the same difficulty as it’s other variant. So „The journey in Colombia“ and „The full journey“ could be the same difficulty, both between 9b and 9a+/b. Anyway, a king line!

Thank you all of you for joining me!

Die Route ist eine ursprüngliche Linie, die „The Journey“ (9a+) und „Carlotas Journey „(9a+) miteinander verbindet.

Foto (c) Adri Martinez