Nach langen Kampf konnte Jon Cardwell ein Langzeitprojekt zu den Akten legen. Nach über 50 Sessions gelang im die Erstbegehung von „Wind up Bird“ an der „Fortress of Solitude“ in Colorado (USA). Carlo Traversi und Jon Cardwell haben die Route schon zusammen 2016 eingebohrt. Jon hat zusätzlich noch eine 55 Meter lange Verlängerung eingebohrt, in welcher er die einzelnen Züge schon klettern konnte. Wir dürften gespannt sein.

„Hard to put this one into words. I am beyond happy and equally shocked to have finished my long term project at the Fortress of Solitude yesterday. First envisioned and bolted with @carlodenali back in 2016, I continued down the rabbit hole with around 50+ days of cleaning, climbing, moving bolts, extending the route, etc. It always felt within reach, but in true fortress form didn’t give in easily. I really couldn’t have done it without the unwavering love and support of @callyente. Together with her and many other good friends along the way I continued to believe in myself to keep coming back to finish the job. I feel like we all have a unique connection because of this wall and the beautifully intense climbing it possesses. All thanks to the special vision of none other than @tommycaldwell that sparked years of continued motivation for a select few. To top it off, there is still an incredible extension that I will continue to work on until it’s time to head home!

As for the grade, it’s hard for me to say right now but I am certain this is definitely the hardest bit of climbing that I’ve done.“