Dem 21-jährige Japaner Normura Shinichiro, bis Ende letzten Jahres eigentlich nur an Kunstgriffen unterwegs, gelingt mit  „Orochi“ Fb8c sein nun schon dritter Boulder in diesem Grad und das innerhalb einer Stunde. Am selben Tag konnte er auch noch „Ginga“ Fb8b+ abhaken. Im Dezember letzten Jahres gelangen ihm schon mit „Shambala“ und „Babylon“ die anderen beiden Boulder im Grad Fb8c.

My climbing on rocks has just began so I would like to gain my experience more in 2018. I am going to try more and more 8B+ over problems. I also would like to compete as a member of Japan National Climbing Team for Lead World Championship.“
Er meint dazu bei „What I normally do at my home gym, Project which Dai Koyamada owns, is checking my body condition of basic elements like to see whether my body moves in right way or not and to check holdings. And I have a fixed route to observe my body condition by climbing it. Adding to above, I climb harder route to find out what I am not good at and I should do to get over it. I always try to be aware of finding and getting over a weak point.“

(c) Keiichiro Korenaga