That’s a run; The 21-year-old Japanese Nomura Shinichiro climbs three top boulders in one day with “Hydrangea“ (Fb8c), “Babel“ (Fb8c) and “UMA“ (Fb8b +) in Shiobara. the only 159 cm tall Nomura, who only climbs outdoor for 6 months, only needed 15 attempts for each of the boulders. It was his Fb8c-Boulder 4 and 5! At „Hydrangea“ the deep start to „Hydra“ by the old master Dai Koyamada was after Daniel Woods probably the second repetition.

He wrote by www.8a.nuI am am super happy with these sends. In total, the 21 year old has now done five 8C’s and he is #2 in the ranking game. Last year his focus was Lead competitions and his worst result during the five last WCs was #29.

Photo: (c) Jun Shibanuma, who also did Babel!