Silvan is looking for good clean routes in the end of the last year. Silvan found this routes in a small sector on the left of the „Fair Hands Line“ in Oberhaslital (Grimsel) in Switzerland. There are nice cracks for nuts and friends. The wall stays in the shade until about 14:00 and is therefore a pleasant place even in summer. There Silvan opened with Simon Spori, Pascal Fouquet and Nicolas Zambetti, who helped him by the bolting of two new tours „Fair Head Line“ (6a +, 80m) and „Cool Foot Line“ (7c, 175m) In the „Cool Foot Line“ Simon used some bolts, especially in the upper part. The stands are all prepared for abseiling. At the end you come to a stand of the „Fair Hands Line“. If you want to climb further, you can climb out of the „Fair Hands Line“.

Further information and the topo can be found on Silvan’s website.