Adam Ondra hasn’t climb his biggest goal, the Alexander Megos Testpiece Fight Club (9b) successfully. At first the route was too wet, then it concentrated on other routes, whereby above all its own top route „Disbelief“ 9b demanded everything from it. He comes back and the route was dry, but Adam didn’t finish the route at Raven’s Crag. Maybe he will return, especially since he also has an possible extension of „Fight Club“ in mind.

Adam dazu: „One of the biggest goals I had for this trip was Alexander Megos testpiece Fight Club 5.15b (9b). I had been training hard for this trip and this route. Then I came here and I found the route wet. I was waiting for the route to be perfectly dry because I wanted to test myself in getting it done in as few days as possible. In the meantime, I was climbing on different routes but most of them were bouldery and not really a style of Fight club at all.

It was completely dry one week before the departure back to Europe. I tried it for 2 days but could not do it. In the meantime, I still had another project I wanted to finish off. It was a huge dilemma but in the end, I gave a priority to Acephale crag, and Disbelief 9b was born.

Going back to Fight Club at Raven’s Crag today as day 3 on the line, I was full of hope. But I went away empty-handed. But it is a line that is amazing and worth returning for, one day. On the top of that, a possible extension could make it a sure 9b+!“

Photos: (c) Brett Lowell