After last month’s „Brooklyn„, Loïc Zehani was able to go one better and reported his most difficult route to date with „Mossoul“ 9b/+ in his home climbing crag „Orgon“.  „The routeis an harder exit of „le poisson pilote“ 9a+. The route „le poisson pilote“ first ascented also from Loïc in 2019. His father Christophe Zehani bolted the route.

„It’s a big overhang with 4 sections of bouldering without rest which give around thirty movements.
This is also my hardest route now ! Pockets, verticals, underclings , crimps… Very happy to succeed.
I suggest after reflection the grade of 9b/b+ for this test of strength and resistance.
Stay tuned for video… „

Fotos: (c) Lunar Fox (@renard_lunaire) | Instagram