After already three 8c’s or XI- in this year, Chiara Hanke was able to climb harder a little bit and to give the „Battle cat“ route (XI- / XI or 8c / +) a ascent on the „Hanging Stone“ in the Frankenjura. Chiara needed only 6 attempts for your ascent, which was a big surprise for her as well and speaks for her good shape at the moment. After Angela „Angy“ Eiter and Sarah Kampf in this year, Chiara was the third woman to manage the 35-meter-long Markus Bock route.

The conditions at their visit were great, because the wall was dry and until the late afternoon get no sun.

Last year Chiara was able to climb her first 8c with „Klondike Cat“ at the „Bärenschluchtwände“ in the Frankenjura last November.

Photo: (c) Hans Radetzki (WhiteVanMedia)